How can I get a cardio workout with a sore knee?


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a good cardio workout without putting any stress on my knee? I tried swimming but that’s not good.
I get enough strength exercise, I don’t want to ignore the cardio.


rowing or paddling a conoe

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rowing or paddling a conoe


Well, I was going to suggest the recumbent bike, but if you can’t even tolerate swimming, that probably wouldn’t work. You’ll just have to switch to the arm bike and work really hard at it.


Upper body exercises will do the trick. Move your arms sidewards, upwards, with and without weights or resistance. You can also move your arms about pretending that you are running. Sit ups can also work as long as someone holds your thighs down.


Look at doing some upper-body exercises, because it’s important to let injuries COMPLETELY heal before exercising on them.


Elliptical is good. I have bad knees too. They seem to pop or even have pines and needles. I like Elliptical and yoga. Swimming is great, but since you don’t like, how about water arobics?

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